Red Paris Room Decor Makeover

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Eiffel Tower Blanket

The New Year has arrived, and with it comes the possibility for all sorts of new joys to bring into our lives! There is no better time to begin the creative process of giving your home’s main area—the living room—a trans-formative update that will set your entire 2021 year into motion. And for all us avid lovers of the City of Lights, there is no more perfect occasion to bring a Paris theme into your living room update!

Eiffel Tower Themed Throw Pillow Covers

1.) You can start just about anywhere when bringing in all your Paris themed goodies, but sometimes it sparks extra inspiration when beginning simple. Parisian throw pillows or coffee table books, or small accent vases, are simple decoration additions, yet they really pack a design punch that brings in the feel of the French capital.

Eiffel Tower Wall Art

2.) Once you’ve got the smaller décor items up, let your imagination run wild with the rest of your living room transformation! Curtains and plush blankets can correspond in images of endearing, Parisian landmarks, while decorative rugs can offer a great look with French script musings written across soft fabric. Photo frames and French trinkets look outstanding in the spaces that need to be filled in on your entertainment center. You can’t go wrong with wall art, either, and you can never have too much of Parisian art across your walls. Painted canvases of the Eiffel Tower, metal work of Parisian icons that come in the form of wall sconces or even clocks, and actual framed black and white photography of some of the best spots in Paris are all beautiful pieces that can make your living room feel like a magic, Paris room decor theme.

Eiffel Tower Throw Blanket

3.) Speaking of ultimate magic, you can take it to the next level by bringing in some unique Parisian themed furniture to your living room as well. Whether you opt for furniture that has literal imagery of Parisian favorites on it, or that just has the essence of Parisian style, there are limitless options out there for any and every taste. Want a large, red stiletto chair in your living room that is reminiscent of Paris Fashion Week? Bring it on in! Why not add an elegant French chandelier light for optimum chic or a throw blanket showcasing famous Parisian monuments in colors to suit your decor theme. There are so many things you can do to add the mystique of Paris to your living room.

Paris Themed Storage Box

4.) Some other Paris themed décor pieces that we can easily overlook when picking out the best, are the functional accents.  Need somewhere to put decorative balls or potpourri? You can find a beautiful Paris-inspired bowl to make the centerpiece of your living room, and it functions as a holder for anything you need it for, too. What about a storage box covered in Parisian imagery? This can pose as a décor piece that both holds items inside, and offers a foot rest after a long day. Paris room decor adds the magic of this city to your evolving theme.

Eiffel Tower Statue

5.) For an extra dose of creativity, don’t put away all of those Parisian Christmas ornaments just yet. Take stock of those ornaments and you’ll realize that not all of them are necessarily just for the tree! You can hang them up, along with twinkling Parisian-like lights, all around your living room in any place. Along the ceiling, on the edge of a table or bookshelf, or even on the pulls for fans and window blinds. A statue made in the likeness of the Eiffel tower, is sure to be be the icing on the cake as the finishing touch to a living room that resonates your favorite city and color red. Paris room decor makes this happen in the most stunning ways.