Paris Wall Decor – The Best Of Fiery Red

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Red vintage Eiffel tower canvas prints

The sparkling capitol of France evolves around the river Seine. So a river cruise down the Seine is an experience to remember with glorious sights of monuments along the banks. Because the Eiffel tower is a unique creation made of steel, it has captured many hearts. The Louvre museum boasts the Mona Lisa within its walls. while the Notre Dame Cathedral houses the Joan of Arc statue. Each of these stylish structures is a Paris wall decor theme, in the making. Fans of the color red, will love this red, Eiffel tower wall art.

The power of red in a decor theme!

Does red decor resonate with you? If it does the reason is simple. This flaming hue links to a myriad of human emotions. Anger, passion, love and excitement! in fact red is a powerful visual and call to action color. Use splashes of red in a black and white room to invoke a bold decor design. Because Paris inspires a demure ambiance, the use of red as the dominant color, creates drama. An Eiffel tower canvas print of the cities buildings, is a stunning focal point. So you see a little goes a long way. Use of this dominate hue steps up the decor look, anchored by trendy, black and white.

Who created the Eiffel tower?

The Eiffel tower is France’s favorite icon. Why is this so? To understand we need to move back to the year of 1889. This was the year a great world fair was to be held in the French capital. It was decided a competition would be the best way to choose plans submitted for an exhibit, honoring the 100th year since the French revolution. Gustave Eiffel, a prominent engineer won the opportunity and the Eiffel Tower was built in two years, 5 months and two days. Because of this man’s dream to build a structure made purely of metal, la tour Eiffel became the monument a world wanted to see. Paris then became a popular decor/bedding theme. Are you ready to have this red umbrellas, Eiffel tower canvas wall art, on your wall?

The city of love

Is Paris the most romantic city on earth? Many say yes, the city of light and amour is the perfect place to fall in love. This magical metropolis has an eternally, chic-soul with magnificent monuments so well preserved. A reason why many couples choose Paris as their marriage destination. Plus the “lock bridges” crossing the Seine are for lovers who etch their names on a padlock, then throw the key into the river. The cobblestone streets with vintage lamps and monuments, lit up at night all add to the cities romantic ambiance where love is, the French mode of living. Embrace the romanticism of Paris wall decor with a set of red, black and white canvas prints, ready to hang

Paint Paris red and create room magic!

The desire for a Paris room decor theme with red accents is achievable. Wall art and throw pillows with touches of red, add warmth and vibrancy. And you could paint a feature wall into your favorite shade depending how much of this fiery hue you want to include. Paris presents strong imagery in decor choices and finding the right balance, that just feels right—is the key. Designers love using red to create a beautiful room and so can you!

An Eiffel tower wall decal is popular, as you can remove the stickers at any time with no residue or damage.