Create Restful Romantic Rooms – Paris Themed Bedding

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Beautiful Paris Bedding

Transforming your bedroom into a chic, Parisian retreat is made easier with fabulous choices of Paris themed bedding allowing a personalized look. We spend a lot of life in our bedrooms, so getting the design elements right will ensure a space you’ll love spending time in day or night. Finding the perfect Paris themed comforter or duvet begins with your vision and love of this glamorous city.

Elegant Paris Themed Bedding

If you are re-decorating the kids room or master suite with Paris in mind, it’s hard to go past a bedding set that pays homage to the immortal Eiffel tower, a must see attraction when visiting the city of light. La Tour Eiffel is an awe-inspiring structure that offers the most amazing views of her beloved Paris from the three floors featuring restaurants and who would have known there was a secret apartment, where designer, Gustave Eiffel entertained 19th century, science stars and friends. When it comes to choosing bedding with a majestic Parisian theme, think eloquent French script, gorgeous Paris postmarks and always the Eiffel tower. For the discerning eye a comforter in soft grey’s exuding a subtle elegance, may be the perfect choice?

Romantic Paris Bedding

Paris is like a romantic movie with it’s ethereal atmosphere and landmarks that defy modernism, giving us a rare insight into how people lived centuries past. France was a land once ruled by Kings and Emperors who all played their part in creating the Paris we love, a city with stunning monuments and an all year round Valentines day vibe.

A Paris comforter with soft, pink floral bouquets and Eiffel tower motif, will make a restful, romantic space in the guest room or your personal retreat, while celebrating the wonderfully whimsical vibes, this French capital emits.

Gold Paris Themed Bedding

Black and white bedding with a Paris theme is a popular choice, as it allows you to bring the bold and beautiful of this surreal city to a bedroom anywhere in the world, with any color palette of choice.  A monochromatic theme offers a modern, trendy appeal and if you are looking to create an ambiance of Parisian vogue, why not introduce a chandelier, furniture painted in black or white plus a bedding set with a metallic, gold Eiffel Tower motif, on a snazzy Paris postcard design

Kids Paris Themed Bedding

Paris is a magical setting, straight out of fairy-tales, parents read to their children. It’s fantasia appeal is down to a history on show with breathtaking monuments made of metal and stone. Designing a kids, Paris theme is a fun way to learn the wonders of this marveled metropolis and get insights into the Parisian way of life. Twin size comforters and duvet’s for kids are generally easy care and machine washable, often in a choice of cotton or Microfiber fabric. Pink bedding is popular with images of the Eiffel tower and French poodles, a favorite with French King, Louis XVl and his wife Marie Antoinette whose toy poodles were given fashionable, manicured haircuts

Black And White Eiffel Tower Bedding

If you are thinking a Paris bedroom theme is exclusive to female fans, not so as there are boys who think the Eiffel tower is a really cool piece of architecture and curious about how and when it was built. Some may be be architects, engineers in the making and recognize this city has historic monuments, inspired by ancient Greek and Roman buildings. Gender-friendly bedding sets with a Paris, Eiffel tower theme, come in neutral grays, black and white so teenage boys can get in on the act with a bedroom dedicated to the city of light. Paris boasts (The Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie), the largest science museum in Europe and boys being boys on a visit to the French capital might ask to go on the spooky, catacombs tour under the city, or shop for music, clothes on trendy Champs-Elsees avenue.

There is a Paris themed bedding set to suit everyone’s perception of this stylish city with romantic, French themes for the master suite to fun Eiffel tower bed sheets, comforters and affordable duvet covers for kids and teens.