Create A Keeper Paris Kitchen Decor Theme

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There are a million ways you can stylize the chefs room with a delightful Paris kitchen decor theme and begin prepping the family meal in the city of light? Small touches can have a powerful effect and if you have a fondness for neutral shades, a set of kitchen dish-towels with a decorative Eiffel tower and Fleur de lis design will set the mood, for more Paris decor to come.

Paris Cafe Artwork

Let the spirit of Paris soar with artwork that inspires a stylish, cafe theme as a cafe au lait is still the breakfast drink of choice and after that, most Parisians enjoy an espresso or cafe creme. Vintage tin signs are an affectionate way to showcase your love affair with Paris, while making the kitchen distinctly your own. This is made easier, by the wealth of items you get to choose, for your personalized Paris design.

Paris Wall Clock

The kitchen wall clock is now a beautiful vision of la tour Eiffel, embellished with graceful, French script and colorful, garden flowers. Paris is a dream-scape of Art Deco, Baroque and Neo-Classical structures with one exception, as the Eiffel tower is a metal facade named after its creator, Gustave Eiffel. The honorary Queen of Paris is a valued citizen that draws the crowds from far and near, for the city is abound with monumental memories in the shape of exquisite apartments, ethereal churches, cathedrals and museums. This artistic timekeeper adds character to your evolving theme. This addition to your Paris kitchen decor theme is definitely a keeper!

Paris Themed Floor Mat

A kitchen mat that sits in front of the door or under the cabinets brings a blast of Eiffel tower imagery while playing a practical role as a mat to wipe feet on or soft underfoot, when preparing a meal. Why is Paris so popular as a home decor theme? The reason is simple as Paris just might be the most romantic destination on earth. In an ever-changing world the city of light and love remains a paragon of the past, with an inspired history lesson in every monument.

Paris Themed Apron

Putting together an interior vibe that requires color and concept, is a fun way to create a personalized design. You can experiment by adding Eiffel tower artwork or putting on a Paris themed apron that gets you in the mood, for trying that macarons recipe, a world-famous, French patisserie treat.

A Paris kitchen decor theme is sure to be a keeper and magical, chefs retreat created from your vision of this unforgettable, European city.