Beige And Beautiful – Paris Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Step inside your newly decorated bathroom where the majestic appearance and snazzy soul of Paris is highlighted with all the trimmings to ensure a magical look in a room, often ignored for its decorating opportunities.

Paris Themed Shower Curtain

The Parisian bathroom is chateau luxury with a claw-foot bath and scented soaps that inhale the essence of lavender fields in a picturesque, French countryside. The modern Paris theme bathroom is staged with a stylish shower curtain where the Eiffel tower struts her monumental motif and emblems of the city, shine their innate beauty.

Eiffel Tower Themed Bath Towels

Imagine your color scheme and the fun begins, as you choose Paris theme towels and mats with Eiffel Tower imagery for a visually, cohesive look. Inspire a touch of elegance with a gold, ornate mirror and the feeling of Paris enters the room. Create a charming and chic bathroom where Paris bathroom decor is always on show.

Paris Theme Bathroom Accessories

Paris bathroom decor accessories with sweet, vintage writing, fleur de lis images and fragrant bath oils, inspire the luxurious ambiance of a boutique, Parisian hotel. The Euro sense of style and sophistication makes Paris, a city worthy of imitation in bedrooms and bathrooms far from this land of enduring beauty. Perhaps it time to show your love for this magical city with a bathroom decorated in it’s timeless image.

Paris Wall Decor

Paris pictures designed with an esoteric, aged appeal bring the focus of French monuments to life in your modern tribute to Parisian design.The sky’s the .limit when it comes to color choice with black and white or pink leading the decor charge, although neutrals have a class aspect of their own All it takes is a few, fancy French additions and it’s bath-time, every night in the city of light.